Multimodal size distributions in spatially-structured populations

Data supporting the paper: Asymmetric competition causes multimodal size distributions in spatially structured populations. Jorge Velázquez, Robert B. Allen, David A. Coomes, Markus P. Eichhorn. Proc. R. Soc. B 2016 283 20152404; doi:10.1098/rspb.2015.2404. Published 27 January 2016

These resources (data files) represent snapshots of data extracted from the National Vegetation Databank (NVS) for analysis supporting this manuscript. NVS is a living database, and data are subject to error correction and other amendments over time. The most current version of these data can be requested via the NVS website by searching for the datasets :

  • Harper/Avoca Forest 1974-1975 Stem Diameter
  • Harper/Avoca Forest 1983-1984 Stem Diameter
  • Harper/Avoca Forest 1993-1994 Stem Diameter

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Authors Velázquez, Jorge
Allen, Robert B.
Coomes, David A.
Eichhorn, Markus P.
Maintainer Rob Allen
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spatial { "type": "Polygon","coordinates": [[[171.3938765526,-43.1762299819],[171.3938765526,-43.0241013542],[171.755897522,-43.0241013542],[171.755897522,-43.1762299819],[171.3938765526,-43.1762299819]]] }
Publisher Landcare Research NZ Ltd
Publication Year 2015