National Possum Model videos

Supplementary material associated with paper: J. D. Shepherd, S. Gillingham, T. Heuer, M. C. Barron, A. E. Byrom, R. P. Pech 2017. Multi-scale dynamic maps for the management of invading and established wildlife populations: brushtail possums in New Zealand. Wildlife Research 45(4):336-343. 2018.

For all videos, the local density of possums in each 50m x 50m cell ranges from low (yellow) to medium (orange) and high (red). Green cells are unoccupied by possums.

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Authors Shepherd, James D.
Gillingham, Sam
Heuer, Tim
Barron, Mandy C.
Byrom, Andrea E.
Pech, Roger P.
Maintainer James Shepherd
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spatial { "type": "Polygon","coordinates": [ [ [166.2, -34.2],[179.3, -34.2],[179.3, -47.4],[166.2, -47.4],[166.2, -34.2] ] ],"properties": {"Geographic coverage": "New Zealand"} }
Publisher Landcare Research NZ Ltd
Publication Year 2017