Spatial Patterns of Endemism in the New Zealand Vascular Flora

This data set provides a spatial output from the Biodiverse analysis of NZ vascular flora undertaken and described by

Millar Timothy R., Heenan Peter B., Wilton Aaron D., Smissen Rob D., Breitwieser Ilse (2017) Spatial distribution of species, genus and phylogenetic endemism in the vascular flora of New Zealand, and implications for conservation. Australian Systematic Botany 30, 134-147.

Abstract: This study aimed to detect and quantify centres of vascular plant species and genus endemism and genus phylogenetic endemism in the New Zealand archipelago and to assess the representation of these in the conservation estate. The presence of 2187 vascular plant species comprising 213 141 georeferenced records were mapped onto 0.12° grid cells and a genus level phylogeny constructed mainly from rbcL sequences used to calculate phylogenetic metrics. Previously identified centres of endemism have been confirmed, and new areas of endemism were suggested. Patterns of endemism differ with taxonomic rank. Randomisations showed the South Island mountains have greater species corrected weighted endemism (CWE) than expected, while the randomisations for genus CWE and genus corrected phylogenetic endemism (CPE) showed the northern half of the North Island and northern offshore islands to have greater endemism than expected. Consistent with the randomisations, the highest values of genus CWE and genus CPE predominantly occur in the northern North Island and offshore islands. Centres of species CWE, genus CWE and genus CPE, supported by randomisation analyses, overlap with the New Zealand conservation estate by 40.01%, 29.52% and 19.12%, respectively. Many areas of high endemism are often poorly protected, highlighting the urgency to consider the areas of endemism identified here in conservation policy, planning and management.

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Authors Millar, Timothy
Smissen, Rob
Heenan, Peter
Wilton, Aaron
Breitwieser, Ilse
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Publisher Landcare Research NZ Ltd
Publication Year 2017
Start Date 2014
End Date 2017