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  • Wetland biomass

    Compiled and standardised carbon and biomass data associated with vegetated wetlands for LUCAS MFE project 2022, collected as part of a literature review. These data form...
  • Dataset of beetles from Kauri forest

    Dataset of beetles from Kauri forest that formed the analyses for Ward DF, Young M, Booth K, Beggs J. 2014. Patterns of beetle diversity in Kauri forest. New Zealand...
  • MiSeq barcoding of 450 invertebrates data

    Demultiplexed Illumina sequence data (COI) from 450 invertebrate specimens, related to the paper Fast-tracking bespoke DNA reference database generation from museum collections...
  • Insect-Plant associations

    Records and images of associations between plants (mostly NZ natives) and invertebrate feeding damage
  • NotogasterMeasurements

    Measurements of specimens of Notogaster (Microgastrinae)
  • AlpineBeetles

    Dataset of alpine beetles from 2012-2016 Takahe Valley, Fiordland, New Zealand
  • NZ Threatened Insects

    Specimen records of threatened insect species from New Zealand; records generated from the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC)
  • Threatened Species Biomass

    Biomass measurements (body length) and biomass calculations for specimens of threatened insect species. Specimens from the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC)
  • Ant distribution data

    The ant distribution database is a searchable tool that contains distribution and collection records for all ant species in New Zealand (native and exotic), as well as global...
  • LUCAS natural forest plot-level biomass and ecosystem driver data

    Plot-level biomass and ecosystem driver data as used in the following analysis: Holdaway RJ, Easdale T, Carswell FE, Richardson SJ, Peltzer DA, Mason NWH, Brandon A, Coomes DA....
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