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  • LUMASS References

    Papers, presentations, videos etc. about / using LUMASS
  • Kin recognition in Amblyseius herbicolus

    This is a table presenting the choice and latency data for the predatory mites (Amblyseius herbicolus) not starved, starved for 24 hours, and starved for 48 hours before the...
  • Hemeroby results NZ (1996 and 2012) at three spatial scales

    Dataset used to explore the effectiveness of the hemeroby index as an environmental indicator for assessing the degree and trends of landscape change. Dataset covers hemeroby...
  • DataUp

    DataUp is an addin for Microsoft excel that enables: creation of metadata (project and data field descriptions) QA/checking for best practice request for a DOI to use in...
  • Geneious Plugin - Metadata Importer

    The Metadata Importer (MI) is a plugin component for Geneious versions 9 and later. The MI is intended to facilitate the importation of meta-data associated with sequenced...
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