Fitting empirical models to simulated seedfall


The data in this file were used to determine the relative fit of alternative empirical models to simulated seedfall data in Monks, Monks & Tanentzap (In press. Resource limitation underlying multiple masting models makes mast seeding insensitive to future climate change. New Phytologist). The data were simulated using the model described in Monks et al. 1000 replicated of 72 different parameter combinations were simulated. Reference to equations below denotes equations in Monks et al. Each simulation generated 50 years of data. Hence the number of rows in the file is 72100050 (i.e 3 600 000)

File details
The format of the unzipped file is comma separated text file (.csv). Column headings and their meanings are:
"Tmean" Assumed mean temperature.
"Tsd" Assumed standard deviation of the temperature.
"alpha0" alpha0 from equation 4.
"alpha1" alpha1 from equation 4.
"alpha2" alpha2 from equation 4.
"beta0" beta0 from equation 3.
"beta1" beta1 from equation 3.
"gamma0" gamma0 from equation 1.
"gamma1" gamma1 from equation 1.
"hmax" hmax,t,i from equation 2
"Ht" ht from equation 1
"Htot" Ht + ht from equation 5
"Ft" Flowering at time t.
"Temp.t" Mean temperature at time t.
"Temp.tminus1" Mean temperature at time t-1 ("T1").
"Temp.tminus2" Mean temperature at time t-2 ("T2").
"pFlwr" PF from equation 3.
"pResFlwr" PR from equation 4.
"ParCombo" Numeric field denoting which of the 72 parameter combinations were used for each simulation.
"Rep" Numeric field denoting the replicate number for each parameter combinations. Varies from 1 to 1000.
"Year" Numeric field denoting the year for each simulated dataset. Varies from 1 to 50 and is sequential.


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